Deadline for submitting presentations has passed. If you have a talk or presentation we really shouldn't miss, contact us at conference (at)

Blender Conferences are great events, a real highlight of the year for many people. This is because the conference attracts wonderful visitors and presenters from all over the world, but also because of the quality of the conference venue and the organization.

The Foundation and Institute have always sponsored the conference substantially in the past. The past few years this was getting a bit out of control... it is time to adjust the prices to reflect the economic reality. We will also invest more in streams and recordings this year.

We also welcome conference sponsors. For the 2016 edition we will make a sponsor prospectus, please contact us for it. 

Contact: conference (at)

Suzanne Award / Animation Festival

De Balie has a real cinema with excellent projection facilities. We will collect submissions this year to assemble a great 90 minute Short Film festival, which run Friday evening. 

Submit your entry now!

Check last year's winners here.

Travel & Accommodation

Via Schiphol

Walk to the main exit hall, there's a railway station underneath. Take train to to Amsterdam Centraal Station (15-20 minutes). You can get tickets in vending machines or at desks.

By Train

Get out at "Centrum", walk to De Balie is about 20 minutes. You can also take tram lines.

By Car

Parking in Amsterdam is impossible or expensive! Best is to park outside the center; like in "ArenA Transferium". Cheap parking rates include metro/tram tickets.

De Balie

Blender Conference takes place at De Balie. A 19th-century courthouse in one of the most important squares in Amsterdam.

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