Suzanne Awards 2016

Ever since the second Blender Conference in 2003, the Suzanne Awards are given to artists using Blender to realize outstanding artwork.

This year we are introducing two changes to the festival rules, in order to better reflect the work currently being produced with Blender in the community:

  1. The "category" field has been removed from the submission form. Just present your best work! The Festival board will review the highest rated submission and place them into one of three categories for nomination
  2. The award categories have been updated to VFX, Design, Short film

The most voted submissions on each category get nominated. These nominations will be screened at the Conference during the Animation Festival on Friday. Conference attendees will vote, and the winners will be announced at the Suzanne Awards ceremony on Saturday evening.

Voting is closed!

(drum roll please)



This award goes the best animated work, especially using expressive character animation.


Covers only the visual aspects of the submitted video. Simply put, the prettiest looking short film.

Short Film

For this award we nominate work that has a clear director's signature. The audience will choose a winner because it is just the best experience to watch... whether it is for story telling, camera direction, staging or the great characterization.

(* The Jury decided to drop the newly announced VFX award for 2016 due to a lack of submissions. )

Submission Guidelines

Please have a look at the guidelines below before submitting.


The 3D graphics (models, animation, rendering) in the films have to be created entirely in Blender, rendered in Blender or any other free and open source render engine. Any 2D paint/imaging software can be used. If you used other post-processing software for compositing or video editing, please mention it in your submission.

Duration & Format

All submitters are required to use a streaming video website such as YouTube or Vimeo. If selected, we then either download the video from that site, or contact you to make a high quality HD version available. That video file can be of any format/length, but should play in VLC player. Films will be screened as 1080p format. For longer shorts, we reserve the right to only show an excerpt of 5 minutes of your film. Tell us which 5 minutes to show in your submission!


The three winners will receive a cool 3D printed Suzanne statue, goodies from the Blender e-shop, and a not-yet-announced reward! Nominations will each get a free pick of a product in our e-shop.

Distribution Rights

For competition submissions, the Blender Foundation must be allowed to show and distribute the work via their own channels. The videos will be made available for viewing at the website during and after the conference.

Note: In the case of sound/music, you should also have the rights to use it and allow us to show and distribute it.

How to Submit

Just fill out the form. We don't accept DVD submissions or file download submissions. After submission, you will be able to review your submission in the "My Profile" section.

The list of nominees will be published a few days before the Blender Conference.

You are free to submit a piece restricted to screening only during the festival, in that case the submission will be excluded from the competition. Before doing that, please get in touch with to arrange the screening.

Previous Suzanne winners are welcome to submit their work, but are not eligible for nomination in the same category again.