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Best animation

  • Katsu Cats Dillon Gu - Director, Animation, Rigging, Shading, Rendering, Compositing, Sound Design, Editing; Kelley Yu - Concept Art, Voices (Katsu and Crow); Shane Newville - 2D FX; Premium Beat - Music
  • Animal Fact #164: Chickens 4039 Productions
  • Cresol - Character Animation Me -, V8 Video(compositing) -
  • Hope Cesar Sillet, Aurora Zamanillo, Julio Sillet, Ender Martinez

Best design

Best short

  • The Collinwood Fire Daniel Houghton, Michael Newbury, Maddie Dai, Elise Biette, Hosain Ghassemi, Katrina Moore, James Graham, Jon Broome, Chad Kahn, Ali Salem, Sofy Maia, Sasha Schell, Justin Holmes, Danilo Herrera
  • The Globe Paul Olszewski
  • The Bloop Troop Directed By : Ram Singh, Produced by : Vivek Singh Sidhu, 3D modeling + layout : Ankit Rawat 3D Previz : Rahul Gupta Technical Lead : Sagar Karwa, Aarchish Jain Rigging : Aarchish Jain Animators : Rahul Gupta, Dishi Arora, Rajesh Gupta, Pinki Naskar
  • Saurora Directed & Visual Effects by Pavel Siska
  • 6 FEET Shai Getzoff

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