Suzanne Awards 2016 Submissions are open

19 Sep, 2016

Ever since the second Blender Conference in 2003, the Suzanne Awards are given to artists using Blender to realize outstanding artwork.

This year we are introducing two changes to the festival rules, in order to better reflect the work currently being produced with Blender in the community:

  1. The "category" field has been removed from the submission form. Just present your best work! The Festival board will review the highest rated submission and place them into one of three categories for nomination
  2. The award categories have been updated to VFX, Design, Short film

The most voted submissions on each category get nominated. These nominations will be screened at the Conference during the Animation Festival on Friday. Conference attendees will vote, and the winners will be announced at the Suzanne Awards ceremony on Saturday evening.

Learn more about the deadline and the submission guidelines on the festival's homepage.