Creating Games with Blender and Blend4Web

Mikhail Luzyanin

Saturday 29 October Salon 60

I'll show you how to create simple game scene with prepared assets using Blender and Blend4Web; how to add interacticity using only Blend4Web Logic Nodes System; say a few words about difference between BGE and Blend4Web. My presentation plan is as follows:

  • Few words about difference between Blend4Web and Blender Game Engine
  • Introducing of the Petigor's Tale game and its new chapter
  • Basics of Blend4Web Logic Nodes System
  • Common words about the Project Structure
  • preparing models and animations
  • demonstrating of simplified structure of the project
  • creating a simple interactive application from scratch
  • Step by step explanaton of making a new chapter for the Petigor's Tale game
  • how to prepear model so it work with Blend4Web Logic Nodes System
  • how to make interaction between user and application
  • demonstrating of new Path Finding node and explaning how it works