Blender as a garment design tool

Richard Colburn

Friday 28 October Theater 30

Virtual garment design is a huge can of worms. It takes thinking outside the box and doing the impossible.

When a fashion designer creates clothing it usually involves a dress form, a lot of fabric, lots of sketches, cutting, sewing, adjusting, and so on. We're developing a vast array of tools for recreating this process in virtual space using Blender. Some of these tools have surprisingly useful features that artists and animators could take advantage of.

We're leveraging numpy in a big way to do some amazing things you probably didn't know were possible to do in real time with python. Imagine creating a dress in less than a second on an animated character while she's moving.

We're also working with Danit Peleg in a big way to create tools for designing 3d printed garments.

I had such a great time presenting last year that I had to come back for more.