A new 100% blender degree in a french university

Nikos Priniotakis

Saturday 29 October Theater 30

Cergy-Pontoise University (France) is proud to announce the first 100% blender academic diploma in the universe. This new degree is very special because it is not oriented toward the entertainment industry. Students are producing images and animations for science with a strong focus on the disciplines related to archeology and heritage. The program, called « Heritage, visualisation & 3d modeling », is reinforced by a dream team of international teachers. The enthusiasm for this degree lead to prestigious partnerships (French Ministry of Culture, Museums, Research centers...) and exciting projects are submitted to the lucky students : archaeological excavations, cathedral modeling, frescos & statues restaurations... They are already involved in the modeling of medieval Abbey, a XII century chapel, the palace of Versailles, the entire Palmyra city in Syria, roman ruins… They breath blender 24/h a day. It feels right. It feels good !