Using Blender to protect athletes

Richard van der Oost

Saturday 29 October Theater 30

Mouthguards have been used for years, to protect athletes from dental injuries. However, at 3DMouthGuard, custom mouthguards for athletes are designed using a 100% digital workflow, from scan to print. This allows for a faster production workflow and cool customizations. This talk will cover how Blender is an invaluable 3D tool to design custom fit mouthguards and produce them using 3D printing.

The workflow currently used:

  • The athlete's teeth are scanned using a special photogrammetry scanner
  • A general mouthguard is modeled (in Blender of course)
  • The general model and scan are combined to generate a perfect fit model (in Blender)
  • The custom mouthguard model is prepared for 3D printing (in Blender obviously)
  • The model is 3D-printed using a recently developed material and a special 3D printer for flexible material

What will be covered in the talk:

  • Short intro about Richard van der Oost
  • Quick overview of what 3DMouthGuard is
  • Explaining the complete workflow with demo's
  • Challenges we are still trying to solve