Using Blender in motorcycle and powerboat design

Rainer Trummer

Friday 28 October Theater 30

The presentation described in this Outline is a Use-Case. Some could even call it an Abuse-Case, as Blender initially hasn’t been made for what Kiska is doing. Still, it is capable of most of what they need, it does a really nice and reliable job, and, as many of the team members stated in a survey, ‘there’s no turning back now (to Maya or Modo)’.

The Kiska team uses Blender on a daily basis for most of their design projects, especially on the transportation design side. This includes motorcycles (their main business), cars (which they have unfortunately no non-confidential material yet) and superyachts. Rainer will go into details about the last few years of introducing Blender to Kiska, how it was accepted, and what the team managed to achieve with it.

Kiska is a design company based in Austria, with currently two external offices in Germany and California. At the moment there are around 180 people working for them in the fields of Transportation Design, Product Design, Visual Communication, and Brand Consulting.