Usage of Blender in Computer Aided Engineering

Thomas Haschka

Saturday 29 October Theater 30

In this talk we propose Blender as a visualization and modelling tool for computer aided engineering tasks such as fluid dynamics and static mechanical calculations. and highlight how we use it in our workflows. We show off how we model our engineering problems in blender, and use these models in OpenFOAM. We then import the results back into Blender using custom python scripts, creating stunning visualizations of observables like, stream lines, pressure and turbulence.

We will further highlight how we use Blender to visualize mechanical stress in construction engineering problems, and how we are able to couple it with a custom developed finite element analyses code using python.

The talk should promote Blender as a CAE ( Computer Aided Engineering ) tool. We show off how useful it is either in modelling and visualizing engineering problems. As such we highlight fully open source use cases from fluid dynamics and mechanical engineering.