from Aethera Worlds to Element6: art and VR in BGE


Sunday 30 October Salon 30

a presentation of artistic works using blender game engine, or how I stopped worrying about Licence problems and solved a VR locomotion fundamental 12 years ago in free software.

this talks will selectively go from 2004 till today, with a review of the evolution of the work of Olivier Meunier (Olm-e) in 3D simulated worlds, and it's use of the blender game engine in real life artistic exhibitions and performances, converging to the presentation of the simple yet effective VR locomotion solution (head-driven) developed along that path.

It is a story revealing a part of the BGE development history (video texture plugin) and presenting a novelty concept for the VR scene.

  • aethera worlds : (motion capture control - 2004-6) :
  • real-unreal (BGE - dome projection - video-texture - 2006 ) and Thin Synch'd Spaces (BGE - video - texture - motion capture control - 2008 )
  • Perma-Cabane (BGE - video texture, motion capture, kinect, OSC in python3, video-mapping)
  • The Gardener (VR, headtracking, locomotion, art and architectural gallery)
  • Element6 : (VR, headtracking, locomotion, sound spatialization and visualization) : some preliminary tests images here :
  • LibreHeadView (VR locomotion method) paper pending publication

contact : 01(at)