Microscopic 3D data processing in Blender

Martina Fröschl

Sunday 30 October Theater 30

We formed an interdisciplinary group to depict microscopic organisms as computer graphics images. It is our goal to depict the organisms accurate and with different levels of detail, and provide 3D models for further artistic and scientific projects. Our workflows are special, because we use an actual, once real living organism as a sample and process it with different scientific imaging techniques to obtain the 3D data of one specific organism. The computer graphics artists get astonishing data material, thus there is still a lot of work on the way to final CG-images. I want to give an insight in different Blender workflows with this valuable data material. There were and still are always new challenges to master, as every organism has different requirements. There is also a paper available about our project outcomes until the year 2013: http://www.senckenberg.de/files/content/forschung/publikationen/soilorganisms/volume_86_2/1_86_2_01_walzl.pdf.