Isabella d’Este: Virtual Studiolo - the video

Daniele De Luca, Luigi Verri

Saturday 29 October Theater 30

For centuries the personal studiolo (study) designed by Isabella d’Este at Mantua’s Ducal Palace has been accessible only in dispersed pieces and in spaces depopulated of major works and artefacts. Digital technology offers the possibility of creating a customisable virtual studiolo and, in anticipation of the project’s full construction, in order to present its future developments and to start a fund raising campaing, a concept demo-video developed within Blender has been funded by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation. For this purpose, we chose to produce an emotionally compelling video presenting both the historic space of the studiolo, as a 3D reconstruction resulting from a photogrammetric campaign, and a selection of objects from the collection once housed in it. During the talk we would like to discuss the production pipeline and "how we did it": photogrammetry optimisation; fluid and keyed particle simulations; 3D photo matching; dynamic paint; morphing and more...