Viewport 2.8: Oh the Possibilities!

Mike Erwin

Sunday 30 October Theater 30

Blender 2.8's OpenGL upgrade enables us to do things that were difficult, painful or impossible in earlier versions. I'll give a sneak peek of how these technical changes improve the user experience inside the 3D View.

  • scene complexity — able to smoothly navigate scenes with many objects
  • high quality edge overlays for poly modeling — smooth accurate lines that cling to the surface
  • ~~interactive hair preview & grooming~~ (hair temporarily disabled)
  • manipulators & widgets atop Cycles-rendered previews
  • more?

Everything will be shown on a laptop, demonstrating that users don't need a high-end workstation to achieve high-end results.

(I'll be working full time on OpenGL/Viewport from June through the conference, and will update the talk to showcase features that work best by then)