Develop add-ons like a pro

dr. Sybren A. Stüvel

Saturday 29 October Salon 60

update: the slides are online on Sybren's website.

Sybren works as developer at the Blender Institute, and, apart from work on Blender Cloud and Blender itself, has worked on the Blender ID and Blender Cloud add-ons. In this workshop we'll discuss developing add-ons for Blender, and focus on many things that are often left out from simple tutorials:

  • Setting up a working environment
  • Structuring your project
  • Best behaviour of your code (logging, reloading, file locations)
  • Common pitfalls

This is a workshop, not a talk, so we aim at two-way communication. If there are things you want to ask or discuss, also if they're not on this list, just raise your hand and open your mouth :)