BCON 2017 - Announcement and call for proposals

08 Jun, 2017

Blender Conference 2017 is coming! Join the most epic Blender event of the year, this time on 27-28-29 October in Amsterdam.

After reviewing a lot of alternatives, we decided to select De Balie again. The venue is just the cosiest and most pleasant choice, even though we have to limit the amount of sold tickets to 300.

With the Balie organization we agreed on a couple of details to make the conference work better there:

We get the entire grand cafe until 17:00, downstairs and upstairs. The big theater gets a one-way walking route. You get in via one corridor, and can only leave via the other. That prevents the annoying congestion and waiting lines we had last year. The third theater will be open 3 days for us. This we'll furnish as the Blender Hackerspace. Three days a hotspot for the coders! The large theater projection screen will probably be moved to the back, allowing more people to sit.

Call for proposals

It's time to send in your proposal for a talk again. We have 20-25 minute slots for the big theater, and 25 or 50 minute slots for the Salon. Deadline for submitting a talk or presentation proposal is August 1st. Submit your proposal via our form.

Ticket ordering starts soon

In the past years we were always sold out in the course of September. Better be early ordering your conference pass!

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