Experience your Blender scenes in VR with Sketchfab

18 Oct, 2016

At this year’s Blender Conference, you can try out your own Blender work in high-quality VR on an HTC Vive! The Sketchfab team will be giving permanent demos of the Blender->Sketchfab->WebVR pipeline. If you’ve never experienced real VR, prepare to be amazed :)

Experience VR

While you can watch any model on Sketchfab in VR, there’s nothing like seeing your own work in this way. So come prepared! Before the show, upload your work to Sketchfab (either just drag our .blend into the website or use the Sketchfab add-on that comes with Blender) and tweak your scene settings.

Finally, prepare your scene for VR by setting the ‘actor’ that defines the scale of your scene and the initial viewpoint. You can then also test your scene on a Cardboard viewer.

See you there!

Bart Veldhuizen Head of Community, Sketchfab

Artwork: ‘Mask’ by Julien Kaspar, made with Blender.