From Titanic to the Moon: Blender in VR Production

David McDermott, David Whelan

Sunday 29 October Theater 30

David Whelan Immersive VR Education CEO

Short showreel of Immersive VR's Work, 2 minutes Introduction of our company and how we use blender in VR Production.

Post mortem in "Apollo 11 Experience"

Senior Modeller - Mario Matovina Prop modeling and creation in Blender - Lunar Excursion module/ Command Module Character Animation - David McDermott Show the landing sequence from the game playing live in the viewport EEVEE with the new blender principled shader and VR preview . We can have someone viewing the scene in VR as it plays and show the output on the big screen.

Titanic Project: In Development VR Storyboard Techniques, Talking about the 3D vr animatic made with blender Grease pencil + VR preview Character Creation- An overview of how we created the character generator mixing board in Blender. Exclusive preview footage a scene from our "Titanic VR Experience"

Engage : Education in VR An overview of our education platform "engage" and Blender specific educational content.