New 3D facial reconstruction approach

Nikos Priniotakis

Friday 27 October Theater 30

She was from here, the parisian suburds, between the highway and a gigantic supermarket. I doubt she'd recognise the landscape though. Last time she paced the hill was almost 6000 years ago. Since her discovery, Jean-Gabriel, a funeral archaeologist, brang together experts from several fields, trying to shed as much light as possible on the case. It is within this context that he came to us. This is year 2 of our new "Heritage, archaeology and 3D modeling" academic training. This year, DNA experts, forensic police, archaeologists, anthropologists, morphologists will meet our blender students for a unique trans-disciplinary facial reconstruction project. An opportunity to learn and experiment... as well as finding our very own "blender" angle to tackle the discipline. In fact, our promising approach could potentially address important scientific issues. But first things first : the skull is broken into pieces.