Teaching Blender in an Autodesk Universe


Saturday 28 October Salon 30

We introduced Blender training courses in FX School, Mumbai in 2014. By early 2015 we totally stopped teaching Autodesk Maya. This was a revolutionary step for a mainstream training institute in India as our artists mainly depend on outsourced work in Maya. This brief talk will document FX School's trials and tribulations as we made this shift and lost a large number of students who were not convinced about the viability of Blender. Since then we have trained over 470 students in the use of Blender and connected with other users in Mumbai like Pratik Solanki who are older experts. Today we have a robust blender training stream (15 months part time) and have linked it with our gaming courses in Unity and Unreal Engine to create a seamless work flow for students. I will present work done our students in Blender and detail the path needed to make Blender a mainstream platform of use in India. I will also present some suggestions on how Blender Institute can help us with this goal.