The Path To High-End 3D Vehicle Visualisation

Rainer Trummer

Saturday 28 October Salon 30

At the end of my presentation last year at BCon16, I posted a wishlist to the Blender Community and Developers out there. The response was overwhelming, and one of them in particular brought us to the next level: Troy Sobotka got in touch with us, and painstakingly helped us to understand the key concept of CG colors and the Alpha Channel. What is now known as "filmic-blender" is the end of a journey Troy went with a couple of very skilled artists - and us :)

During the presentation, I plan to give insights to developments that resulted in our main client fully switch to CG as a communication tool: Filmic Blender, the Principled Shader, Shadow Catcher, as well as the Denoiser enabled us to focus on creative aspects of an image instead of trying to better manage render times, or tune colors which just "never got there" in the raw render. For the first time in history, a rendering of a production KTM bike was featured in the "Red Bulletin", a magazine published by Red Bull.