Creating orthopedic surgical implants with Blender

Vasilii Shishkin

Friday 27 October Theater 30

Disorders of the musculoskeletal system can occur as a result of diseases or after suffered trauma. Sometimes these situations need to be treated by replacing of the affected part of the bone by an artificial prosthesis.Joint replacement surgeries are becoming more common today. Classical approach to implant design relies mostly on technical properties of the materials and is based on average dimensions and geometry shapes. The correct size of the implant is chosen during surgery. This can lead to mismatch between the bone and the implant and can result in the failure of the intervention. 3D computer reconstruction of computer tomography data can aid in implant design and improve surgery. 3D models of individual anatomical implants can be designed and produced by means of additive manufacturing and used in live surgery.Joint replacement with individual implants has shown good clinical outcome results. The talk is focused on using Blender as an implant design tool in orthopedic surgery.