Fixed, from limits to possibilities (B4W)

Protocube Reply

Saturday 28 October Theater 30

This project deals with the 3D modelling and presentation of Fixed, an innovative kind of wheelchair designed by Danilo Ragona, the president of Able To Enjoy. The aim of the project was to create a website in which the user could customize his/her own wheelchair, having a realtime feedback on what it will look like. In order to get the best possible result, we used Blender to create, optimize and finish the 3D models of all the different parts, while retaining the highest possible fidelity to original designs. Then we create a custom app through Blend4web, which could handle both aesthetic and arrangement settings giving real-time feedbacks to the user. Through the use of a customization platform, we managed to transform a medical product into a fashion one, in order to satisfy not only physical but also aesthetic and affecting needs.