Next Generation Fluid Simulations with Mantaflow

Sebastián Barschkis

Friday 27 October Salon 60

It's about time that Blender gets an updated fluid simulator. Good that Mantaflow is around the corner!

Mantaflow is a fluid simulation framework from research. It's currently being developed at the Technical University of Munich under the supervision of Nils Thuerey - the creator of Blenders current fluid simulator. And although it's primarily used in research it turns out to be a great addition for Blender too!

In this talk you will first learn how a research-oriented framework like Mantaflow technically fits into Blender. The main part of this talk will then focus on the current state of Mantaflow in Blender: We will explore mesh- and particle-based liquid simulations, see examples of novel research finding practical application, take a look at results from Google Summer of Code fluid projects, and compare the new with the current fluid implementation. In a final outlook, you will find out what to expect for Blender 2.8.