Blender for the architect: t's much more than viz

Matthieu Dupont de Dinechin

Friday 27 October Salon 60

Blender can not be the only tool an architect uses today, but it can completely integrate an architect workflow (with some tweaks and workarounds of course) to complement the other softwares (like archicad or Revit) with the power and effectiveness of its tools. Focusing on my last projects that are now build (wooden houses and wooden observatory hall), I will show how Blender can be used in the field of architecture not only as a visualization tool, but as a design tool too with many other side benefits such as: -BIM IFC import of models from other actors -designing precisely the structure of the project -import/export with architectural softwares -checking the solar masks and shadows -VR models that allow the client to really visualize the final project -modifying the model to make an accurate 3Dprinted and lasercut scale model And last but not least, its always interesting to compare the renderings I made with the final built project.