"The Rustle of Leaves" Teaser for a feature film

Mauricio Flores

Saturday 28 October Theater 30

ESCENA is the engine behind our project, which has, as its primary purpose, the incorporation of students into a production environment to prepare them in a much more solid way before leaving school and joining the industry. EAS (Escena Animation Studio) is the "in-house" non commercial animation studio that serves this purpose, producing the teaser of a feature film entitled "The Rustle of Leaves". This teaser is being developed by students and graduates of our school, guided by experienced and established industry artists who work as teachers at ESCENA.

The work produced within the studio is the clearest reflection of the steady growth of each artist, extending to the classrooms, contributing to the artistic growth of our school and consequently to a quality formation for the professionals of tomorrow. In short, our project is an educational model. At the same time, we produce high-quality content and promote the use of free software.