When Boats Fly: Accident Reconstruction in Blender

Dominic Agoro-Ombaka

Saturday 28 October Theater 30

I will detail my use of Blender in the field of accident reconstruction for legal cases. The title refers to a particular case- a collision between two boats- where one of the boats actually flew over 30m and how Blender was instrumental in figuring out the mechanics involved.

I will walk through the process involved in this and other reconstructions, including initial data collection, basic photogrammetry, importing external data using Python, and building the scene and animation. I will also cover working with security camera footage and how Blender can help fill in the blanks in poor quality footage.

In addition to the technical aspects, I will cover the real-life challenges to this type of work: The questions from attorneys, working with other experts, eureka moments where the reconstruction has proved pivotal, and how to successfully overcome questions of validity and accuracy with the goal of getting your work admitted into evidence (versus just being a visual aid)