"I lost my body" : feature film -work in progress-

Pierre Ducos, Christophe SEUX, Jeremy Clapin

Sunday 29 October Salon 30

"J'ai perdu mon corps" ("I lost my body") is a french feature film from Jeremy Clapin the director of the acclaimed and award-winning short film SKHIZEIN. This is an absurd and fantastic story dedicated for adult or young adult. "J'ai perdu mon corps" is a non photorealistic film mixing 2D & 3D techniques. Blender software has been chosen for its abilites to mix 3d and 2d through its grease pencil tool and freestyle rendering.

We will present you :

-the film : the story of a hand looking for its body...

-an overview of the general process

-a few tools developped for the film

-our recruitment needs for the upcoming months