Ice Moon Pilots - A Blender Made Graphic Novel

Johannes Ewers

Thursday 25 October Salon 60

The presentation will focus on the work-flow and tools I use to create a graphic novel with Blender. As example, chapter 1 is attached.

Artistic decisions

Basic work-flow

  • Creating and managing assets (outdoor + indoor environments, characters, props, textures)
  • Assembling scenes (linking assets)
  • Managing a series of shots in a scene (pose libraries for characters & facial expressions, camera & light
    setting, dope sheet for shot repetition)
  • Rendering and compositing single frames
  • Post-processing (dynamic auto painter)
  • Assembling comic pages with Blender (frames, borders, speech bubbles)

Character development with Manuel Bastioni Lab (MBL)

  • Base model morphing into story characters
  • Cloth creation, reuse, and fitting to characters
  • Rigging, weight transfer, masking for character/cloth variations
  • Using tension maps for cloth wrinkles
  • Face rigging of expressions (armature driven MBL shapekeys, automatic linking the face rig, expression library)

Useful Resources