Using Blender for Comics

Paul Caggegi

Saturday 27 October Theater 30

Over the years, I've used Blender to create a variety of assets, shaders, and entire scenes for use in my comics, as well as commissioned comic work. Some notable projects include a short story for the award-winning anthology "Gwan", and most recently, "Homebased" - a web comic about the adventures of a stay-at-home dad. In the past year, I have released tutorial content and royalty-free assets via Patreon and YouTube to help others with their own comics.

I'd like to showcase some of my work, both past and present; examples of set pieces and assets I've created, as well as some of the recent shaders I've developed and shared via Patreon, which have been used in professional and web-comic illustrations. Moving forward, I am excited about the possibilities the new Grease Pencil feature will create, and I look forward to including it in my workflow.