Creation of 3D printed VR accessories

Quentin Geluyckens

Saturday 27 October Theater 30

What happens when you don't like the CAD approach, but you get offered a cool CAD modeling project? You make it happen in your favourite software, and try to find an optimal workflow for it. I was asked to create complicated models for 3D printing for a VR gaming center that is exploring the boundaries of untethered VR. During this project, I created many electronics enclosures, from an entire interactive gun prop to a simple button protector. I will explain how I approached this particular project, from R&D to printing prototypes and setting up a workflow with the client, focussing of course on the specific Blender tools that allowed this project to happen smoothly. Yes, all of this could have been done in CAD software, maybe more efficiently, but... where's the fun ?

The linked project website is the client's, which is a bit more explicit about their thechnologies, but doesn't feature my work yet.The talk would be around 20 minutes long.