From Blender to any OSL Renderer, and Back !

François Gastaldo

Thursday 25 October Salon 30

Blender was the first to introduce a full OSL pipeline. Now, near every renderer includes OSL, from open source projects to high end softwares.

Some of these renderers are available for Blender (Renderman…), and OSL is the key tool to have a multirenderer prod.

Others, like Clarisse, are now usable in a Blender production thanks to Alembic and OSL.

With in-software editing and extended OSL features, Blender is the perfect tool to bridge the gap between renderers.

We will see how a Blender project could be rendered in another OSL renderer. Or the opposite !

This conference is the following of the ‘Shader Writing with compatibility in mind’ held at the 2014 Blender Conf.


· Why using OSL?

· Differences between renderers and limitations

· Using multiple renderers

· Example of cross platform rendering

· Production pros & cons.