I used Blender at Marvel & It changed my life

Thomas Murphy

Friday 26 October Theater 30

I have been using Blender 3D for 15 years. 7 of those years I worked at Marvel Entertainment. I worked specifically on the branding and promotional content for the licensing/theatrical & comic books. I even directed and animated product sizzles as you will see in my attached link. The lesson I would like to share with blender users is that a community is what creates good art: INFORMED feedback. Blender is free, and because of this, users are more willing to share criticism and informed feedback. 3D is highly technical and collaborative and informed feedback from experienced users is paramount for new artists. I would like to tell and show how the blender community's sharing raised me up in my career, and I would urge users to continue this trend so they can see how it will help them as well.