Blender Scenes Become Real Life Holograms

Gottfried Hofmann

Friday 26 October Theater 30

The Looking Glass is a holographic display for 3D creators that allows presenting models and scenes in real 3D without the need for glasses or other auxiliary devices. It is suitable for presenting to groups because it does not have a "sweet spot" like stereo 3D. We developed an addon for Blender that allows you to see the contents of the Blender viewport live in the looking glass display. This is a pure addon, not a single line of code of Blender itself had to be changed. Offline rendering using Cycles is also possible. This is also a demonstration that Blender is ready for further holographic displays that are up-and coming.

We will do a live demo of the display both using the Blender viewport directly and via offline rendering using Cycles and give an overview of the technology and talk about use-cases.

Very early Blender prototype - Cycles render (will be updated):