VTK for Blender

Silvano Imboden, Lorenzo Celli

Thursday 25 October Theater 30

I am presenting a Blender addon named VTKNodes providing the possibility to use VTK within Blender. The Visualization Toolkit (VTK https://www.vtk.org/ ) is an open source library for scientific visualization widely adopted by researcher in fields such as geo-physics, fluid dynamic and biomedicine. Beside my personal interest in VTK, in the last Blender Conference I was invited by André Linnenbank to a meeting among people using Blender in Sciences and I found that this tools may be interesting for other people too. Because VTK is lacking editing tools, while Blender is lacking support for scientific file formats, nowadays researchers are moving their data in and out Blender ( see https://bthbdental.com/kruvi ) VTKNodes may be an useful component toward building research application completely inside Blender. VTKNodes is current in development, but a first version will be released before the next BConf. Website will come soon, I provided a link to a Google docs with full details