F16 Trophy - A Blender animation challenge


Thursday 25 October Salon 30

This presentation is about sharing my experience of creating all the CG of an 8 min 3D animation, thanks to Blender. Every year in my university a group of student challenge themselves to create a 3D intro for a graduation ceremony opening. This year, alone, I tried to go further by using a physically based renderer: Cycles. Passionate about creating the impossible, I spend 950 hours learning Blender by myself using its incredible community. I’ll present how I was able to get familiar with the common artists’ workflow such as creating the script, animatic, setting up the textures and materials, animation, lighting, VFX, smoke simulations, rendering and compositing. I’ll share how I learned and optimized Blender’s tools to render complex environments with correct render times. I’ll also mention how RenderStreet helped me to render my 196 CG shots and how this service proposes functionalities that correspond to professional workflow, with affordable price.