Animation : back to the drawing board !

Pierre Mervaillie

Thursday 25 October Theater 30

This talk is about animation tools and the last two years personnal experimentations centered around one idea : Animate in a quick an intuitive way by using sketching instead of complex rigs.

Today the widely used animation worflow uses a rig set up that is very technical and complex to learn and tedious to do. Moreover it uses a typical "stop motion" like system where the animator has to animate by moving controllers around. It results to a very uniform way of animating and a big wall to those who "just wants to animate".

One of the solution could be to start something else : animation as a sketching action! It feels way more intuitive and gets rid of the technical part.

At this presentation we will look at few of those experimentations : Animation Sketch (pose bendy bones by sketching), Silhouette Sketch (refine silhouette of your character by sketching) , GreasePencil Full Bake (bake the 3D render into editable Grease Pencil). Feel welcome if you're both expert or beginner!