200,000 µLeagues Underground #GoldMiningWithBlender

Dylan Whiteman

Friday 26 October Theater 30

This talk presents how Blender can be readily used in science and engineering to visualize complex 3D, time dependent data.

Examples are given from the real-world use of Blender in the ‘Cave Tracker System’ to provide the first ever visualization in history of underground 3D rock movement in large mines, using computer controlled Beacons and Detectors.

While real world visualization examples are presented, the emphasis of this paper is to present (in an accessible manner) how Blender’s Python interface can easily be used in a stand-alone configuration or in conjunction with other computing/data resources (e.g. C#, SCILAB, Excel/Calc) to visualize 3D time dependent data. A variety of methods are examined.

The goal of the paper is to make it easy for engineers / scientists / researchers to utilise Blender to visualise their own 3D time dependent data. It is intended that (free) code snippets will be made available to download (via GITHUB etc) to help facilitate this.