CookieCutter: A CG Cookie Blender Add-on Toolkit

Jon Denning

Saturday 27 October Salon 60

While developing RetopoFlow over the past few years, we have stretched the perceived limits of what a Blender add-on could do. We completely rewrote how retopology happens in Blender by providing a first class user experience, developing laser-focused tools, visualizing the information that matters, and giving the artist the needed control.

Now, we present our successes and failures through a Blender 2.79 toolkit we call CookieCutter.

CookieCutter makes creating new modal operators easy by handling Blender registrations automatically and wrapping key functionalities in simple function calls and data structures. Features of CookieCutter include rendering geometry over existing geometry, visualizing widgets, handling complex user inputs, managing tool states, and more!

This will be a technical workshop on using CookieCutter, littered throughout with anecdotes, useful hacks, and good programming practices. We will create an interesting operator live.