BruteForce - How we created a short in one weekend

Alexander Haas

Thursday 25 October Theater 30

There’s never a lack of people who want to create short films but fail to do so. Presenting: How we planned and produced a blender animation short film in 1 long weekend on location (more or less). This is our story:

Animation Weekend

On BCon17 we (a group of 10) talked about all our failed short film projects. So we had the idea to come together and work on-site for a long weekend and brute force our idea into reality. In April of 2018, we all came to Frankfurt and worked 12 hours a day in conference room for 3 days, bringing this project from pitch to almost final (sans animation).

Target Audience

Aimed at an advanced audience who want to make short films (or just see how we did it).


As of now our short is still being finalized. (Pablo Lopez Soriano is still finishing the animation). We plan to be done in time for a festival submission. In case we fail to finish before the conference, we can still show our almost finished film and give exactly the same presentation.