The Blender Foundation is pleased to launch a call for proposals for the Blender Conference 2014, to be held October 24-25-26, 2014 in "De Balie", Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Submissions can be in one of the following categories.


We are inviting proposals for papers, to be presented during the Blender Conference. We are accepting papers on a wide range of Blender development related topics, including:

  • proposals for roadmaps, future Blender design or UI concepts
  • reports on past development work on Blender, experiences with the code or design of new features
  • general theory on 3D development and design

Case studies

Case studies give the audience a chance to engage with applications of Blender in a variety of fields. For this year?s conference, we again specifically look for case studies that address the theme of ?Professional uses of Blender?, and specifically examples of animation film work, visual effects, and the integration of Blender in the movie or game studio pipeline. How is Blender being used and developed in different business areas? As usual; presentations about scientific research projects using Blender are welcome too. We are looking for proposals for 15-40 minute presentations, either alone or in the context of a shared topic with other presenters.

Courses & Workshops

This year we would like to facilitate a number of technical sessions for developers and workshops for artists. Please give a brief outline of the topic of your course or workshop. Courses and workshops offered during the previous editions of the Blender conference included: programming modeling tools, python scripting for artists, game engine drawing and logic, character animation, etc. If you are interested in leading a course or workshop, please contact us! Please note that the call for the Animation Festival and the Suzanne awards will be announced separately.

Proposal Submission

Please submit your proposal to the submission form.
Deadline: August 20, 2014


Selected applicants will be notified before September 1, 2014. All selected applicants will be asked to deliver full papers and documentation for publication on the Blender Conference website by the end of September 2014.


Per selected presentation we offer one free conference ticket (including lunch, drinks, joint dinner). For speakers flying in outside of Europe we?ve reserved a small fee (sufficient for covering some days hotel). Please note that all participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation. We will be posting a list of hotels and hostels on the Blender Conference website.

Other ways to participate

For those of you who will not submit a proposal but are interested in attending the conference, please feel free to send us your suggestions or comments. Information on registration for the conference will be posted on the website over the next months. We also anticipate facilitating informal, open sessions for people to network, share new ideas and gain insight into the work of other Blender developers and artists. So please do send us your feedback! We look forward to hearing from you! Ton Roosendaal, Chairman Blender Foundation conference(at)