Python 3.9 Support

The regular download of Blender 3.3 LTS uses Python 3.10, in order to stay compatible with the VFX Reference Platform 2022, a build bundled with Python 3.9 (instead of 3.10) is provided.

Note: Add-on developers must be aware that this can affect their add-ons compatibility.

Future VFX Platform Support

In 2023 and 2024 Blender will be fully compatible with the VFX Reference Platform specs.

This will facilitate an eventual integration with Hydra render delegates which requires dependencies like Boost to be compatible.

In Q3 of 2024 this decision will be reviewed based on feedback collected on the channels.

Get Involved

Organizations and studios are welcome to join the conversation and be an active part of the development process.

If you work in a pipeline that needs Blender to be VFX Reference Platform compatible please contact us. Supporting the VFX platform is only a small step towards pipeline integration.

Also consider joining the Blender Development Fund to support this initiative.