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by Freak
Mon Aug 06, 2007 12:07 pm
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Topic: Fluid Simulation with SMP (Dual Core System)
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Re: Fluid Simulation with SMP (Dual Core System)

root_tux_linux wrote:Hi

If i bake a Fluidsimulation blender does only use 50% of my CPU :(
I want change it and use 100%!

How can i tell blender to use the whole CPU Power?

Threads = 2 does only work for rendering :(
Fluids are not multithreaded.
by Freak
Mon Aug 06, 2007 12:05 pm
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Topic: Blender v2.42a & YafRay v0.0.9 for Windows x64 *[Aug-11]
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chrislu wrote:please!

could someone fix the SSE3 build link?
Yes is there anyone here who can provide a link to the SSE 64bit AMD, i don't care what version....

Anybody.... I have tried emailing the OP, with no luck...
by Freak
Fri Dec 02, 2005 6:17 am
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Topic: Blender Hair Export?
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Blender Hair Export?

Hi all,

Does anyone know, is it possible to export hair as an .obj or other..
I figured if they were poly strands, they would save with the object.
But it seems they don't....

Does it save at all?