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by jarraj
Wed Jul 13, 2005 3:16 pm
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Topic: GLSL rendering feature request.
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GLSL rendering feature request.

I would like to be able to use multiple textures and loadable vertex and pixel shaders in the game view. This would be useful among other things as a general purpose tool for testing shaders, similar to proprietary tools from NVidia and ATi. The shader feature should be rather easy to implement as i...
by jarraj
Sun Jan 19, 2003 11:04 am
Forum: News & Chat
Topic: UV-coordinate generation revisited
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UV-coordinate generation revisited

I posted a messages here a couple of month ago about generating UV-coordinates automatically with LSCM. Now I've done a little something to show how it could be used in blender: There were some problems with not all of the pictures showing on the page, but I hope i...
by jarraj
Mon Dec 02, 2002 2:59 pm
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Topic: Generating UV-Coordinates
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Generating UV-Coordinates

The most difficult thing to me in Blender is texturing meshes. Setting UV-coordinates by hand is too difficult and the choices in Shift-U menu seem to be mostly useless. I noticed something useful on flipCode: The LSCM parameterization method. I've tried the parametrization...
by jarraj
Fri Oct 18, 2002 10:14 pm
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Topic: What is wrong, and what should stay?
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I have very little experience with 3d modelling, but the one thing that most bothers me in Blender is the texture coordinate assignment. The only two useful ways to set uv coordinates seem to be placing by hand and planar projection. Making a high poly mesh with textures, (say a face) is difficult a...