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by RcFreaks1000
Wed Sep 25, 2013 9:26 pm
Forum: Rendering
Topic: Cant start rendering
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Cant start rendering

Hey i created a scene and when i click rendering (720p in blender render). The scene has 171947 Faces, 185528Tris and 104823Verts. Thats much i think.. My Pc has a Intel Core i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz, 16GB Ram, Nvidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti
Is the scene to big?
by RcFreaks1000
Tue Sep 24, 2013 6:54 pm
Forum: User Questions that really belong on
Topic: Render Problem need Help
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Render Problem need Help

Hey Forum, I wanted to render a small animation and when i am in the rendered view in 3D view it looks really great, but when i start rendering everything looks extremly dark Rendered view in 3D view: This is how it looks when i start rend...
by RcFreaks1000
Mon Sep 16, 2013 7:54 pm
Forum: Blender Open Projects
Topic: Skytech SPL1000 Project
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Skytech SPL1000 Project

HI, A few days ago i got sure that i want to buy an Skytec SPL1000 and build it into my cupboard. I want to make a Wooden Board with black leather with a hole where i can put in the Skytec Amplifier, this all i want to put into the cupboard. Then i tried to animate a video how i want to build this a...
by RcFreaks1000
Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:39 pm
Forum: Animation
Topic: Free Blender Intro Template with your name 20th Century fox
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Free Blender Intro Template with your name 20th Century fox Das ist mein neues Intro für meinen Youtube Kanal RcFreaks1000 wenn ihr das selbe nur mit eurem namen haben wollt entweder hier oder bei youtube anschreiben und ich schicke euch euer template für blender. das einzige was ihr dafür tun müsst ist mir eine nac...