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by scuozz
Tue Nov 29, 2005 9:10 pm
Forum: Testing Builds
Topic: bf blender / OS X - 2.40 RC1 (2005/11/29) RC BUILD
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Test build doesn't work

The interface of Blender doesn't work on Mac osx 10.4.3 on Mac G5 Dual processor Nvidia Geforce fx 5200.
The previous releases in the testing build forum were working well.
ciao :shock:
by scuozz
Tue Aug 16, 2005 2:01 am
Forum: News & Chat
Topic: developer icon
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developer icon

what uppened to the developement status icon that always have been in the first page of :?: [/b]
by scuozz
Tue Mar 22, 2005 9:05 pm
Forum: Testing Builds
Topic: bf-blender / Windows (2005/03/20) updated
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I hope there will be a test build for mac os X soon
by scuozz
Sat Oct 09, 2004 1:37 am
Forum: Testing Builds
Topic: bf-blender / OS X 10.3 (2004-09-24) Face select edge select
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this test build doesn't work on dual g5 mac os x 10.3.5

tried everything but blender wont start.
by scuozz
Sun Aug 01, 2004 3:57 am
Forum: Testing Builds
Topic: BF-blender Os X 10.3 -- 2.34 Rel. cand. 3 - 04/08/02 UPDATE
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-I experienced serious problem with this build and yafray, many crash but the major thing is that is not possible to render any transparence, I tried with yafray and even the pre 0.0.7. I don't have interface problems on Mac os X G5 dual 1.8 - In a previous test build there was a ver...