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by PK
Sat Oct 26, 2002 9:45 am
Forum: Coding Blender
Topic: Consistant style?
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Doxygen works similiar to javadoc for C++/C.
by PK
Thu Oct 24, 2002 1:58 am
Forum: News & Chat
Topic: Please post meaningful topic titles
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Reading this should be a prerequisite for posting in any newsgroup/forum, IRC, email, and pretty much any form of communication both on and off of the internet.
by PK
Tue Oct 22, 2002 2:56 am
Forum: News & Chat
Topic: dev mailing list
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dev mailing list

I would like to start contributing to the Blender project. Is there a dev mailing list? Are there people who have worked on the kernel or the Mozilla project that can help get the infrastructure going for a succesful project?

What needs to be done, and how can I help?