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by hexarith
Wed Jan 05, 2005 3:14 pm
Forum: Interface & Tools
Topic: Material System: A new concept
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Material System: A new concept

Well, this might seem a bit of unorthodox, but please let me give you an idea of my problems, and what I had to do, to get rid of them: Currently I'm developing a high quality, state of the art 3D engine, and for modelling I'm using Blender, of cousre. Now there's a slight problem: Blenders Material...
by hexarith
Sun Dec 01, 2002 2:49 am
Forum: Python
Topic: User defined Object information
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User defined Object information

Blender has a very good Python interface, no there are 2 ones! Blender module and Blender210 module. However I'm still missing something: A user writable dictionary associated with every obejct that would allow it, to store extended information in it. I'm not talking about game properties! Currently...
by hexarith
Sun Dec 01, 2002 2:43 am
Forum: Interface & Tools
Topic: The toolbar is missing.
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toolbars :? are only disturbing (at least me). I prefer the very good hot-key system 8) of blender. The spacebar solution allows you to preselect the rotation of the object matrix you're going to create ( it will be the same, as used to transform the viewing angle of the window you're working in ). ...
by hexarith
Sun Dec 01, 2002 2:19 am
Forum: Interactive 3d
Topic: Changing the loading animation, load.blend example file
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Changing the loading animation, load.blend example file

Has somebody the load.blend file mentioned in the publisher book? I call myself a blender creator geek, but not publisher... I just want to create a nice 3D menu bar for my homepage, and the default rabbit doesn't fit in the major layout...