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by MikaMTB
Tue Dec 27, 2005 4:55 pm
Forum: News & Chat
Topic: Blender 2.40
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I've been away from Blender for over a year, and seeing all these changes in 2.40 made me want to give it a go again. I'm blown away, there are so many modifications here and there ! Of course the obvious ones are amazing, but then there are all these little things here and there that make your life...
by MikaMTB
Wed Nov 26, 2003 7:14 pm
Forum: Animation
Topic: Animation in 3D View
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It depends on how fast your computer can render it.
I don't know if there's actually a limit to that speed, I mean something somewhere that'd tell Blender "render to xx fps (or under if you can't)"
by MikaMTB
Wed Nov 26, 2003 5:45 pm
Forum: News & Chat
Topic: blender x Macromedia Flash(R) or - Feature request
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Please enlighten us all ! Can you find a place to make all this available to everyone ?
by MikaMTB
Thu Nov 20, 2003 7:59 pm
Forum: Interface & Tools
Topic: New Further Interface Improvement Proposal -Updated!
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Monkeyboi, Just a short message to let you know I really liked your proposal for the texture buttons and panels. Great thoughts.

As for RVK I don't use them myself (yet) so I wouldn't know.
by MikaMTB
Wed Nov 05, 2003 6:59 pm
Forum: Interface & Tools
Topic: LMB-drag movements: does anyone really use them??
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Re: Changing the mouse commands

1, Make LMB the selection button. 2, Make LMB do a borderselect when you drag 3, Move the 'set 3d cursor' command from LMB to RMB 4, Get rid of the gestures completely, or move them to RMB drag 5, Have an option to enable the old way of doing this for people who are used to the old way. I agree. I ...