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by blend3d
Wed Jul 28, 2004 2:46 am
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Topic: Graphics card compatibility - post your specs here!
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Gigabyte GA-7N400-L (nForce 2) Nividia FX 5200 128 MB AMD Athlon XP 2400+ 512 MB Ram Windows XP SP1 No Problems, works flawless. ___________________________ HP Pavilion ZE4325 Laptop ATI U1/ALI 1535+ AMD Athlon XP 2000+ Mobile ATI Radeon Mobility (IGP 320M) 64 Mb Shared HP's ATI Driver 7.91A (Latest...
by blend3d
Fri Jul 09, 2004 6:53 pm
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Topic: which processor is best with Blender?
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Just a note to say I have an HP laptop with an Athlon M2000, 512 Ram and the ATI mobility 64 Meg shared video memory. I love the laptop but I have to turn down the Direct X acceleration to about 30% when using Blender then Turn it back up to run Visual C 6.0 with Forms in MFC and Media player 9.0, W...